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We assist you in documenting Advance Directives so medical choices in end-of-life care are made by the most important party – You. We are also available to be your Primary Agent, Secondary Agent if your primary agent cannot perform the duties, or provide support for your designated Healthcare Agents should they need guidance.



Upcoming Advance Care Planning Events

These events will increase your comfort with documented plans that match your values in advance care planning.

Our Services

The Center for Advance Care Planning will provide a healthcare agent to represent your chosen goals and considerations to your medical team. We also give group presentations to inform and begin the important discussion of Last Wishes.

About Fran Myers

Working in hospice opened my eyes to realism, to futile treatments, to the beauty of good quality of life and being at peace with what’s to come.

Ask Fran

Our 92 year old mother cannot imagine herself “giving up”. She doesn’t want to consider a “Do Not Resuscitate” Status. What should we do?

Frequently Asked Questions

Advance Care Planning (ACP) is a process of reflection, communication, and sometimes education.

About Us


The Center for Advance Care Planning is dedicated to ethical decision making on your behalf.
Your wishes are our wish for you.


Fran was an amazing friend and advocate to our mutual dear friends as they faced very difficult final chapters in their lives …


The Center for Advance Care Planning provides Professional Healthcare Agents and can assist you in preparing Advance Care Documents …  READ MORE


The Center for Advance Care Planning is dedicated to ethical decision making on your behalf. Your wishes are our wish for you …  READ MORE


Reflection, communication, and education are part of Advance Care Planning for future healthcare …  READ MORE

Unravel the Confusion Events

Attend one of our upcoming events in Aurora, Westminster or Highlands Ranch to learn more about Advance Care Planning.

“These conversations are always too early, until they are too late.”

– Ellen Goodman, The Conversation Project

Five Case Histories

Five Case Histories in Advance Care Planning

We owe a debt of gratitude to 5 beautiful women and their families. Nancy Cruzan, Karen Ann Quinlan, Terri Schiavo, Estelle Browning and Brittany Maynard impacted the world as symbols of patient’s “right to die” and death with “dignity and grace”. As a result of their struggles, laws have been changed. Millions of Advance Care Plans have been written since then. These women left a legacy that can change our lives, and the lives of our friends and families. Let’s write your advance care plans together.

“Before I shepherded my parents through to their deaths, I thought medical over treatment was mainly an economic problem: a quarter of Medicare’s roughly $560 Billion in annual outlays covers medical care in the end of life. After my father’s death I understood the human costs. After my mother’s death I saw that there could be another path.”
– Katy Butler, excerpt from Knocking On Heaven’s Door

Healthcare & Financial Security

Healthcare Realities Threaten Financial Security

Medicare covers about 51% of healthcare costs. The following are estimates of some healthcare costs not covered by Medicare. These estimates significantly vary geographically and by “style”.

Medicare does not cover:
  $90.5K per year – The annual cost of a private room in a nursing home.
  $81K per year – The annual cost of a semi-private room in a nursing home.
  $42.6K – The annual cost in an assisted living residence.
  $20-27 per hour for an Agency Home Care Aide
  $18,200 per year for Adult Day Services


Why use Advance Care Advocate Services?

Reduce Anxiety
Research shows that well-communicated, intentional Advance Care Planning significantly reduces family anxiety and conflict.
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Reduce Hospital Visits
When individuals engage in thoughtful conversations that result in intentional advance care planning, research shows that sicker patients are less likely to make repeat hospital visits.
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