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How We Can Help You

The Center for Advance Care Planning is dedicated to ethical decision making on your behalf. Your wishes are our wish for you.

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When no one represents a non-communicative patient at the hospital, decisions are made with no input from the most important party – the patient. The result of an unplanned medical path may be a situation he or she would never have chosen.

Healthcare Agents are asked to make decisions regarding:

  • Standard treatments – low risk treatments
  • Major treatments – treatments that can pose a risk to the individual
  • Life sustaining treatment – medical efforts for those who may not survive without the treatment
  • End of life care – comfort measures, palliative care and hospice care

We Can Act As

  • your primary health care agent
  • a secondary agent supporting your primary agent
  • a guide for your chosen agent(s) to be prepared if they become key to your care

Some decisions may be needed right away. The values of the patient, the medical situation at the time, the possible outcomes and medical staff opinions must all be weighed carefully. The Center for Advance Care Planning is prepared to make these types of decisions.

Your voice will be heard because we will have planned your advocacy together.

We Provide

The goal of your Healthcare Agent is to represent your goals and considerations to your medical team. The Center for Advance Care Planning will guide you through the necessary steps for proper documentation. After thorough values-based discussions with you, we are positioned to make informed decisions on your behalf. Charges are based on the needs of the individuals.

The Center for Advance Care Planning is available to be your Primary Agent, Secondary Agent if your primary agent cannot perform the duties, or provide support for your designated healthcare agents should they need guidance. Many people do not have someone they can appoint to this important and personal role. If this is your story, we can help.

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