Our Board

The Center for Advance Care Planning is a nonprofit 501c(3) registered in the State of Colorado. The Center is dedicated to providing education and services around Advance Care Planning and Advocacy.

Through the outreach division, Advance Care Advocate, Healthcare Agents (Medical Power of Attorney) represent the client when he or she is unable to make medical choices known. Advance Care Advocate can act as primary or secondary agent, or guide families in their Advance Care Planning.

The Center for Advance Care Planning is proud to offer Speaker Presentations for all types of audiences covering a broad range of topics relating to end-of-life and decision making. Learn more about our Public Speaking Services – CLICK HERE

As a nonprofit we have a board of directors to help guide the organization. The Center for Advance Care Planning is thrilled to have Francis Myers and three of the most qualified and caring professionals on the board.

Frances Myers – Founder and Executive Director, Advance Care Advocate

As a clinical dietitian Frances spent many years working in hospitals and nursing homes. She managed tube feedings for adult residents who never had a voice in their care decisions. These individuals taught her many valuable lessons about quality of life, family dynamics, the role of religion, state laws, and so much more. Working in hospice opened her eyes to realism, to futile treatments, to the beauty of good quality of life and being at peace with what’s to come.





Deborah Fending – RN, BSN, AE-C

Deborah Fending has been a registered nurse at National Jewish Health for over 30 years, currently responsible for staff development. She received her BSN at Chamberlain College of Nursing. She holds certification as an asthma educator and is NIOSH certified. She speaks nationally on the topics of asthma, allergy, COPD, and intimacy. As an instructor for the NJH annual Allied Health Conference, she presents on various topics including the Asthma Educator Review Course. Committed to patient education, she regularly teaches asthma education, as well facilitates a class on intimacy and chronic illness. As the training supervisor for the Colorado Toolkits on Asthma, COPD, and Atopic Dermatitis, she assists with program content development and presentation of course material. A strong advocate for empowering individuals to be savvy healthcare consumers, Deborah supports more resources for assisting people with end of life decisions.


Jill Ross – Consultant

For 2 years in the mid 1980’s Jill was an in-home care giver for her grandparents who had both suffered debilitating strokes. This time in her life shaped and influenced her to be an advocate for others. That advocacy has taken on many different forms through different industries. During her 23 year insurance career she was called to guide and influence around long term care insurance and the peace of mind it offered. After her insurance career she went to work for a Colorado family owned funeral company as the Manager of Community Outreach presenting to groups and consumers educating on the end of life and after death. That advocacy continues today as a board member for the non-profit Funeral Consumer Society of Colorado. Currently Jill is in assisted living outreach for Covenant Village of Colorado offering safety to seniors and their families in a faith based and non-profit senior community. Jill is honored to be a consultant and board member of ACA and to continue her advocacy for those who need a voice.


Bronwyn Long – DNP, RN, MBA

Bronwyn Long is a palliative care and oncology advanced practice nurse at National Jewish Health in Denver, Colorado. She works with people diagnosed with lung and other cancers, COPD, interstitial lung disease, cystic fibrosis, and rheumatology disorders. She manages symptoms, teaches patients and their families how to live with their diseases, assists with advance care planning, and offers psychosocial support. Prior to joining National Jewish Health, she was a member of the palliative care consult service at the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview.




Phyllis Coletta – JD                                                                                                                                       

A litigation attorney by training, Phyllis brings a compelling passion to The Conversation Project in Boulder County based on personal experience, service as a chaplain and hospice volunteer. Phyllis is also a certified teacher, a professional freelance writer and ordained Zen Buddhist chaplain. She worked as an EMT for ten years, both in the field and as an ER tech in Steamboat Springs, CO. Phyllis also has experience as a Risk Manager for a community hospital, giving her a broad understanding of the healthcare system. In 2011 she participated with Centura Global Health Initiatives in a medical mission to Nepal. Phyllis also serves as a Regional Consultant for The Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare. As a chaplain, Phyllis worked in the medical ICU of a large teaching hospital, giving her a deep understanding of how miscommunication and lack of advance care planning can create much suffering at the end of life. It was this experience that compelled her to focus on helping families have important conversations early, well before anyone is admitted to an ICU.

Phyllis received her BA in Theology and English from Boston College and her JD from Rutgers University. An avid adventurer, Phyllis loves all things outdoors from running, mountain biking and cross-country skiing to swimming and rowing crew. Her three sons and families live in Steamboat, Seattle and Panama, giving her great excuses to visit beautiful places.

If there is a state of the art of end-of-life care, it is this: death with dignity.

Ken Murray, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at USC