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Your Wishes Are Our Wish For You

The Center for Advance Care Planning assists you in documenting Advance Directives so medical choices in end of life care are made by the most important party – You.

The Center for Advance Care Planning is also available to be your Primary Agent, Secondary Agent if your primary agent cannot perform the duties, or provide support for your designated healthcare agents should they need guidance. Many people do not have someone they can appoint to this important and personal role. If this is your story, we can help.

How it Works

The Center for Advance Care Planning will work with individuals, couples, families or friends to assure that advance care planning wishes and values are understood. Thorough discussions now will help you discover your goals, wishes, and fears.

The Center for Advance Care Planning will use this information in preparing Colorado Advance Care Planning documentation and when needed, in making decisions that we believe you would make for yourself if we are your healthcare agent.

More about our Healthcare Agent services:

  • Your Healthcare Agent from The Center for Advance Care Planning will come to the hospital when the staff informs us that you are unable to make decisions.
  • Your Healthcare Agent will give input in situations relating to ventilator dependence, dialysis, tube feeding and fluids, medications, Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation status, procedures and preferences regarding treatment duration, or other pertinent concerns.
  • 911 responders to YOUR HOME will understand the extent of treatment you have chosen.

Our Unique Advance Care Planning Process

  • The Center for Advance Care Planning ensures all documents are in order and in the right hands.
  • The Center for Advance Care Planning can provide a Healthcare Agent that can act as your primary or secondary Healthcare Agent, or guide your chosen Agent(s) to be prepared for future situations.
  • Additionally your wishes can be documented with a video or audio recording.
  • The Center for Advance Care Planning offers many resources to help educate clients.
  • A Dementia Provision will be completed proactively for each individual.

We will recommend you discuss medical decisions and a Colorado MOST form (Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment) with your physician if applicable. Visits to an attorney or financial advisor will be suggested when appropriate. Documentation of your wishes is given to your physicians, attorney, financial planner and family or others that you specify.

Your wishes are visible in the home for 911 responders to the extent that you chose. File of Life Card and other options for emergency responders will be given with instructions on effective use.

Every 6 months, The Center for Advance Care Planning will reach out to every client to review any changes of health or philosophy.

Why use The Center for Advance Care Planning?

Here are the top reasons you should use The Center for Advance Care Planning services:

  • Reduce Anxiety
    Research shows that intentional Advance Care Planning, well-communicated, significantly reduces family anxiety and conflict.
  • Reduce Hospital Visits
    When individuals engage in thoughtful conversations that result in intentional advance care planning, research shows that sicker patients are less likely to make repeat hospital visits.
  • Making Decisions
    Thorough discussions now with your Advance Care Planning healthcare agent will uncover your goals, wishes, and fears.
  • The Center for Advance Care Planning
    We will be your agent speaking for you at the hospital if you lack the capacity to express your own wishes.
  • Community Education
    The Center for Advance Care Planning gives public speaking presentations for seminars, outreach programs or workshops focused on Advance Directives and healthcare agent responsibilities. Visit our News & Events page to look for upcoming events – CLICK HERE.

“Fran was an amazing friend and advocate to our mutual dear friends as they faced very difficult final chapters in their lives. Her knowledge of the systems and resources available and the ability to guide and assist them in difficult but necessary decisions that needed to be made was remarkable …” – READ MORE


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